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Intro to
Character Design

Formally named "Character Concept Design"

Learn how to design characters for games and film!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 8 lessons (30-90 minutes each)

Launches: April 25th, 2024

Lessons: Recorded lessons for Self-Study
Price: $195

Instructor: Diana Cearley


Those who want to...


  • Build skills to create characters for games and film

  • Learn industry-standard workflow for character concepts

  • Effectively use references to improve their characters

  • Create new images for your gallery



You’ll step into the role of being a character concept designer at Swatches Studio where you’ll be presented two different (fictional) game projects. Each project comes with its own style guide and character description lists to choose from then progress the concept a week at a time following the “client’s” requests, with professional guidance of course. The class is full of example images, demonstrations, annotations, and accompanying PDFs of the presentations that you can download for quick reference. This class is streamlined to teach you how to design full-body character concepts for games and film as efficiently as possible while giving you a glimpse into the career of being a character designer. You'll be taken through a professional workflow from sketching and gathering references to finishing the image and layout presentation.

The instruction has been expanded to include extra teaching on anatomy, improved example images and annotations, teaching on fabric and folds, project style guides and descriptions, and more!

Diana brings her extensive experience teaching character design at Syn Studio Concept Art School and her experience doing client work for projects like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. This class will focus on human characters only.

Watch a 1 minute Class Trailer above



This class uses recorded lessons for self-study without feedback. You will be supplied the needed homework files and references for each lesson, and its corresponding video lesson. Lessons will be watchable here on the site (no downloading necessary except the assignment files) at your own pace. Most lessons have a paint-along section where you'll practice the techniques of the lesson along with the instructor so you are prepared for the assignments on your own. Instructor will be demonstrating in Adobe Photoshop, and all class files are in either JPG, PSD, or PDF formats.
Instructor feedback on your homework may be available at a premium rate during the seasonal classes but spaces will be limited for feedback.


Skills & Difficulty


Student work created in this class:



Time: Based on student feedback, each lesson requires an average of 10-15hrs to accomplish to a satisfactory level.


Subjects: The homework assignments are subject to change from term to term in order to keep things fresh and interesting. You may not practice the exact same exercises you see in the student gallery.



Setup: Students will need HD video streaming speed internet, Adobe Photoshop (or similar digital painting program), and a drawing pad and stylus (like Wacom or Gaomon). A microphone and webcam are also recommended for registering for the premium seasonal class with live feedback.

"Clint and Diana's feedback is very objective and professional, yet very kind and friendly that not only makes you push yourself and your skills beyond what you think you could do, but also makes you feel good and encouraged to work while receiving feedback. I can see a noticeable leap in my skills before and after their class, and I'm more than grateful for that."

-Student feedback for Fantasy Illustration

"Industry professionals who will meet you at eye level and will take the time to answer any question, provide their knowledge and an industry proven workflow which will give you any tools you need to complete the course with portfolio ready illustrations. What do you want more?!"

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