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Classes Overview

Classes are divided into three tiers of skills: Entry/Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced. It is important to choose classes that are right for your skill level so you are not overwhelmed with the difficulty or bored with its simplicity. For a guide of what we mean by each tier go here, Tier Examples

Foundational Classes

Fundamentals 1: FORM DRAWING

Instructor: Clint Cearley  Duration: 8 weeks  |  Price: $695


Whether you’re new to drawing or you’re an intermediate whose been told you should “work on your fundamentals” this is the right place to start!

In this themed class you’ll visit Pirate Bay where you’ll stop each week at a different location where there’ll be new drawing principles to learn, and subjects to practice. Throughout the weeks you’ll work on two different skill sets: observational drawing, and imaginative drawing. The observation studies will improve your ability to judge subject size and placement, as well as how to simplify complex subjects so you can accurately draw the world you see around you. The imaginative drawing studies will focus on 3D forms and how to use them to build new subjects from imagination. The class will focus on observational skills, accuracy, control, and being able to think in 3D.

  • Great for anyone who wants to start or improve their drawing skill

  • Curriculum is good for children or adults

Wednesdays 3pm - 5:00pm GMT, Jan. 10th - Mar. 6th (no class Feb. 7th)


Skill Level: Entry/Foundational

Type: Live teaching and feedback

Software: Adobe Photoshop

"The classes have been productive, engaging, and filled to the brim with information, and I highly recommend it to anyone feeling stuck or uncertain on how to progress your art skill."


Instructor: Nino Vecia  Duration: 8 weeks  |  Price: $695


In this foundational painting class, expert instructor Nino Vecia will guide you through the art principles that underpin illustration and concept art. You'll learn how to create digital paintings step-by-step in Adobe Photoshop. You'll cover everything from sketching and shading to colors and edges. You'll also learn how to approach complex subjects like faces and landscapes with confidence!


• No prior art or Photoshop experience required
• Great class for those interested in illustration, concept art or personal painting

• Weekly live paint-alongs to prepare you for your assignments

Mondays 5pm - 6:30pm GMT, Jan. 8th - Mar. 11th, (no class Feb. 5th)


Skill Level: Entry/Foundational

Type: Recorded teaching and live feedback

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Intermediate Classes


Instructor: Diana Cearley  Duration: 8 weeks  |  Price: $695

In this expanded class you’ll step into the role of being a character concept designer at Swatches Studio where you’ll be presented two different (fictional) game projects. Each project comes with its own style guide and character description lists to choose from then progress the concept a week at a time following the “client’s” requests with professional guidance. The class is full of example images, demonstrations, annotations, and chances to ask questions.
This class is streamlined to teach you how to design full-body character concepts for games and film as efficiently as possible while giving you a glimpse into the career of being a designer. You'll be taken through a professional workflow from sketching and gathering references to finishing the image and layout presentation.

  • Build skills to create characters for games and film

  • Learn industry-standard workflow for character concepts

  • Improve faster with tailored feedback from a professional

Tuesdays 7pm - 8:30pm GMT, Jan. 9th - Mar. 12th (no class Feb. 6th)

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Type: Recorded teaching and live feedback

Software: Adobe Photoshop



Instructor: Diana Cearley  Duration: 8 weeks  |  Price: