Fantasy Illustration

Learn how to create art for fantasy card and board games!

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Duration: 8 weeks

Begins: January 8th, 2023

Lessons: Live online with feedback
Price: $650

Instructors: Clint & Diana Cearley




Want to create art for fantasy games and publishing? Join Magic: The Gathering artists Clint and Diana Cearley as they take you through the process and push you to achieve the best piece possible for your portfolio! Across the eight weeks you'll focus on completing one piece; each week you'll progress farther with instruction, demonstrations and feedback by your instructors. From rough sketches and reference gathering, to composition and value studies, we'll touch on it all. Students will also have opportunity to chat with the instructors and get your questions answered.

This class is aimed for those who are preparing a portfolio to get professional work and those who are getting small gigs but want to level up their art. This class is not suitable for beginners. Students should already be capable of: painting an accurate photo study, sketching a figure and portrait, and shading basic forms without reference.

Those who want to...


  • Build skills to create art for fantasy card and board games

  • Learn efficient and reliable workflows

  • Explore options for your composition and lighting setups

  • Create a new fantasy portfolio image

  • Receive weekly feedback and guidance from professionals


Sundays 6pm - 8:30pm (GMT)

Jan. 8 - Mar. 5 (no class Feb. 5)


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Catch the weekly teaching in the live Zoom session or watch the recorded lesson later. Review of homework will be provided during the 2.5hr lesson time. Lessons will come with assignments and opportunity to ask questions.



Practice what you learned from the lesson with the provided assignments then upload no later than 12 hours before the next class. Allocate 15 hours per week to complete the homework to reach a satisfactory level.



The instructor will review your previous homework and give suggestions for improvements during the following week's lesson. Feedback may include a drawover, paintover, or discussion (situation dependent).




Founder and Senior Instructor

Clint is an illustrator and concept artist who has worked on Magic: The Gathering, D&D, Smite, Artifact, and for companies such as ImagineFX, Simon & Schuster, and Scholastic. He served as a Senior Art Supervisor with Blizzard. Trained in traditional and digital media, Clint has twenty years of experience teaching art and is the creator of the Swatches Youtube art channel.

Diana profile GIF.gif


Co-Founder and Senior Instructor

Diana has created concept art and illustrations for video game, comic book, tabletop and publishing clients including Magic: The Gathering, Hex Entertainment, Aethera RPG and has been featured in ImagineFX, and Infected by Art. Diana served as an instructor of digital painting, life drawing, character design, as well as the Director of Studies at Syn Studio Concept Art School.


This class is designed to build necessary skills for those aiming to be professional illustrators or concept artists. As such, this class will require moderate intensity and focus from the student to complete. The teaching and skills being taught will only be gained with hours of intentional practice on the homework assignments and following the processes that will be exampled. Serious art students should find the class and homework enjoyable, educational, and challenging. Hobbyists are welcome but they will likely find the homework assignments more intensive and regimented than they are used to.

FAQ: Go here to read the most frequently asked questions about classes.


This class is intermediate to advanced difficulty. Students should already have strong foundational drawing and painting skills, and have experience with their art program of choice. We will not be covering basic drawing or digital painting.

Note, Clint and Diana will be using Photoshop for all classes but you may use the art program of your choice. For a guide of the tiers, go here: Tier Examples

If you are unsure if you have the skill necessary for this class, please contact Clint at and include a link to your online gallery, and we will let you know.



Time: This class requires an average of 10-15hrs per week to accomplish the homework to a satisfactory level.


Subject: For the class image, students will choose from a provided list of loose image briefs to work on. All image options will be within the fantasy genre and will range from light-hearted and colorful, to nefarious and dark.


Discord: Every student will have access to their classes' private Discord room where they can chat with classmates, share images, and see relevant class updates from your instructor.


Setup: Students will need HD video streaming speed internet, Adobe Photoshop (or similar digital painting program), and a drawing pad and stylus (like Wacom or Gaomon). A microphone and webcam are also recommended if students plan on joining the Zoom lessons live.


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