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+ Concept Art

Winter Term Registration Is Open

Classes Begin Oct. 3-10th, registration ends Oct. 1st

Summer Signups CLOSED

Instructors: Nino Vecia  Duration: 8 weeks  | Difficulty: Beginner | Price: $749

Whether you're newer to 2D digital art, a traditional artist who isn't the digital media, or you just want stronger base skills, under the expert instruction of MTG artist Nino Vecia you'll come out knowing how to paint in Photoshop. He'll cover how to use a variety of painting methods based on the subject, and how to effectively approach common complex subjects.

"I've learned a lot of new things... that I have not seen previously on any tutorials that I've watched online and I really enjoyed that the information from the lessons were in condensed, yet easily digestible form... The course will also help you to build up confidence by providing you with weekly assignments that build upon one another with increased difficulty - but in steps you can handle." -Student feedback

Class begins: July 10th, 2023

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Summer class: SOLD OUT

Instructors: Clint Cearley