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Illustration + Concept Art Classes

Spring Term Registration Will Open Feb. 24th

8-Week Classes Will Begin April 9-14th |


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1-on-1 Consultations

Schedule an hour mentorship with an instructor

You set the subject for the consult. Common subjects include a portfolio review, industry advice, suggesting an education direction, and troubleshooting a difficult or important image.


Illustration Portfolio

Presenter: Clint Cearley  Duration: 2.5 hours  Price: $10

In this live presentation we'll go over building an illustration portfolio! With visual examples, notation, and stories from the industry, we discuss topics such as:
• How many images should be in it.

• What kind of images should and shouldn't be included.

• What skill level you should be at before looking for work.

• Useful vs. useless ideas

• Common mistakes with portfolios.

Participants will have opportunity to get their questions answered. The event will be recorded for time-zone convenience.

Event: 7pm December 11th, 2022 (GMT)

Prefer to watch than read? Here's a 1 min. classes trailer

Portfolio Review

Reviewers: Clint & Diana Cearley  Price: $35

Get your illustration or concept art portfolio reviewed by two Magic: The Gathering artists! You will be able to upload up to six of your artworks of which Clint and Diana Cearley will record a video review. They will breakdown what they see as the strengths and weaknesses of your work, suggest adjustments to improve your portfolio, and discuss career direction tips and education options based on information you provide.

Deadline: noon December 12th, 2022 (GMT)




Concept Art Portfolio

Presenter: Diana Cearley  Duration: 2.5 hours  Price: $10

In this live presentation Diana will go over building a concept art portfolio! With visual examples, notation, and stories from experience as the Director of Studies at Syn Studio concept art school, she'll address a variety of topics such as:
• Choosing a direction when you're starting out.

• Personal artwork vs professional artwork.

• Managing your reputation.

• What to do if you aren't finding work.
• What type of file to use and how many images.

Participants will have opportunity to get their questions answered. The event will be recorded for time-zone convenience.


Event: 7pm December 18th, 2022 (GMT)



Instructors: Clint & Diana Cearley  |  Duration: 8 weeks  |  Price: $650

Want to create art for fantasy games? Join Magic: The Gathering artists Clint & Diana Cearley in a new class that will take you from concept to completed image ready for your portfolio. We'll walk with you through each step of the process with live feedback, demos, and tips from experience.


  • Improve the composition and posing of your images

  • Explore options for your lighting and color setups

  • Learn a professional and reliable illustration workflow

  • Create a fantasy card art style illustration


Note: This class is for aimed at those who already have digital painting experience, not a good fit for a beginner. We will not be going over basic digital painting and drawing.

Class begins: January 8, 2023

Portfolio & Career

[Digital Painting Basics] Jan. 8th - March 11th

This class uses prerecorded lessons as well as live homework reviews. The prerecorded lessons will be posted weekly for viewing online. First lesson is released Jan. 8th. You will have a week to watch the lesson, complete the assignments, and upload your homework before the live homework review the following week on Zoom. All classes have a mid-term break week (Feb. 4-10th) between lessons 4 and 5.
Live homework reviews take place on Mondays at 5-6:30pm GMT, starting Jan. 15th (week following the lesson) and end Mar. 11th. The homework review sessions are recorded and will also be posted for viewing online for any student who is unable to attend live or wishes to review the feedback. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live sessions.
Lessons last 1-1.5hrs, and live homework reviews last 1.5hrs.

You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered, and practice the lessons with provided assignments. You'll receive tailored feedback during the lessons to help you improve faster, and with all the lessons being recorded you can review them at your convenience and take the class from any time zone.

This class uses recorded lessons for self-study without feedback. You will be supplied the needed homework files and references for each lesson, and its corresponding video lesson. Lessons will be watchable here on the site (no downloading necessary except the assignment files) at your own pace. Most lessons have a paint-along section where you'll practice the techniques of the lesson along with the instructor so you are prepared for the assignments on your own. Instructor will be demonstrating in Adobe Photoshop, and all class files are in either JPG, PSD, or PDF formats.Instructor feedback on your homework may be available at a premium rate during the seasonal classes. Spaces will be limited for feedback.


DISCORD: You will have access to two private class Discord rooms on the Swatches server ( where you can socialize with your classmates whether through messages and images or video chat.


PDFs: In addition to the recorded lessons, every week you'll also receive a PDF copy of the class presentation for future referencing and saving.

[Fantasy Illustration]

If you aspire to create engaging art for fantasy games and publishing such as Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and Pathfinder, then Fantasy Illustration was made for you!


You'll join industry experts and MTG illustrators Clint and Diana Cearley for eight weeks as they take you through the process of creating an illustration to fulfill a provided mock commission. You'll be pushed and encouraged to achieve the best piece possible for your portfolio! Each week you'll progress farther with instruction, demonstrations and tailored feedback that will help quickly advance your skills.


From rough sketches and reference gathering, to composition and value studies, we'll touch on it all. Focus will be on given to learning efficient and reliable workflows that you can use for future projects as well as learning how to tackle the complex subjects of composition and lighting with confidence. This class will give you a taste of what it's like to work on a fantasy commission, with the safety net of dedicated instructors who do it for a living.


Videos and books can't answer your questions but in this class you'll have ample opportunity to chat with the instructors and get your art and industry questions answered. Whether life messes with your schedule or you live on the other side of the world, it won't be an issue as every live lesson is recorded for later re-viewing.


Please note that this class is not suitable for beginners. It is aimed for those who are preparing a portfolio to get professional work and those who are getting small gigs but want to level up their art.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your art to the next level! Only 15 spots available.

Portfolio & Career


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Catch the weekly teaching in the live Zoom session or watch the recorded lesson later. Review of homework will be provided during the 2-2.5hr lesson time. Lessons will come with assignments and opportunity to ask questions.



Practice what you learned from the lesson with the provided assignments then upload no later than 12 hours before the next class. Allocate 10 hours per week to complete the homework to reach a satisfactory level.



The instructor will review your previous homework and give suggestions for improvements during the following week's lesson. Feedback may include a drawover, paintover, or discussion (situation dependent).



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Watch the weekly recorded lesson online and download any provided files. Lessons usually last 1-1.5hrs and often include a short paint-along to follow.

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Complete the assignments then upload your work 12-24 hours before the following week's review session. It takes about 15 hours per week to complete the homework to reach a satisfactory level.




Instructor will review your homework during the following week's live Zoom session. Feedback may include a paintover, and/or discussion (situation dependent). Session recorded for timezone convenience.


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