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:Fundamentals 1
Form Drawing

Art skills begin here!

Skill Level: Entry/Foundational

Duration: 8 lessons

Launches: June, 2024

Lessons: Recorded lessons for self-study
Price: $195

Instructor: Clint Cearley


Those who want to...  

• Learn real basic drawing skills for the first time

• Intermediates who want to improve their fundamentals

• Be able to draw subjects from photos after class

• Be able to sketch out their own concepts and ideas


The basic drawing class that’s engaging and practical

Whether you’re new to drawing or you’re an intermediate whose been told you should “work on your fundamentals” this is the right class!

In this themed class you’ll visit Pirate Bay where you’ll stop each lesson at a different location where there’ll be new drawing principles to learn, and subjects to practice. Throughout the weeks you’ll work on two different skill sets: observational drawing, and imaginative drawing. The observation studies will improve your ability to judge subject size and placement, as well as how to simplify complex subjects so you can accurately draw the world you see around you. The imaginative drawing studies will focus on 3D forms and how to use them to build new subjects from imagination. The class will focus on observational skills, accuracy, control, and being able to think in 3D. Each lesson will include draw-alongs, so be ready to start sketching with your digital stylus and drawing program when class begins!

This class is appropriate for both adolescents and adults. While Clint will be using Photoshop, any stylus pad and major drawing program should be sufficient for this class as long as it can use PSD format files.

All lessons will include annotated visual examples that can be downloaded as a PDF for later reviewing.


This class uses recorded lessons for self-study without feedback. You will be supplied the needed homework files and references for each lesson, and its corresponding video lesson. Lessons will be watchable here on the site (no downloading necessary except the assignment files) at your own pace. Most lessons have a paint-along section where you'll practice the techniques of the lesson along with the instructor so you are prepared for the assignments on your own. Instructor will be demonstrating in Adobe Photoshop, and all class files are in either JPG, PSD, or PDF formats. Instructor feedback on your homework may be available at a premium rate during the seasonal classes but spaces will be limited.

Will become available April 25th, 2024



Founder and Senior Instructor

Clint is an illustrator and concept artist who has worked on Magic: The Gathering, D&D, Smite, Artifact, and for companies such as ImagineFX, Simon & Schuster, and Scholastic. He served as a Senior Art Supervisor with Blizzard. Trained in traditional and digital media, Clint has fifteen years of experience teaching art and is the creator of the Swatches Youtube art channel.


This class is entry/foundational difficulty, meaning that students will need little to no drawing education prior to class. Experience with your art program is helpful as little time will be spent on learning the program. This class will require moderate effort and time to complete the assignments, allow 10hrs a week to complete the assignments to a satisfactory level. Read more about the class difficulty tiers here: Tier Examples.

FAQ: Read the most frequently asked questions about the classes here.


Setup: Students will need HD video streaming speed internet, Adobe Photoshop, and a drawing pad and stylus. A microphone and webcam are also recommended for students joining the seasonal premium class with live feedback. If you don't own a digital drawing pad, we recommend starting with the Wacom Intous small ($59) or medium ($119). If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, a monthly license for the program is available for $9.99 a month here (look for the "Photography (20GB)" option).

Will become available June, 2024

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