Leverage the power of A.I. for your Concept Art and Illustration

Overview: A.I. image generation will change the commercial art industry. Learn how to utilize this powerful new tool in your concept art and illustration workflow. Class will cover how to use A.I. support to:

  • Improve the character design process

  • Explore options for your scene's lighting and mood

  • Generate an environment asset concept

  • Create a fantasy card art style illustration

Lessons will feature completed images for examples, live demos and weekly assignments with feedback. Due to the difficulty and time needed to accomplish the assignments in this class, it is recommended for only those who already have advanced digital painting skill, and a handle of the fundamentals. You need to apply below and be accepted before being allowed to enroll in this class.

NOTE: Students will already need an account setup to Midjourney as access will not be provided by Swatches Academy. Midjourney (currently in open beta) is ran through Discord and can be found HERE.

Due to the selection process of this class and the manual processing of students, only Paypal payments are accepted for this class.

FAQ: Go here to read the most frequently asked questions about classes.

Instructors: Clint & Diana Cearley

Duration: 8 weeks (2.5hr/class)

Price: $650 (Paypal only for this class)

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Software: Midjourney + Adobe Photoshop (or similar painting program)

Schedule: Sundays 3pm - 5:30pm (GMT +1)
Sep. 18th - Nov. 13th (no class Oct. 16th)

Fall 2022 Class

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Due to the difficulty of the assignments, this is a curated class aimed for artists with advanced skills. You will need to submit examples of your work and be accepted before you can join this class. Fill out the information below to apply.

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