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Live Class: Environment Diorama

Live Class: Environment Diorama

Product Type: Recorded weekly teaching with live feedback

Instructor: Diana Cearley
Duration: 8 weeks 
Price: $695
Skill Level: Intermediate
Software: Adobe Photoshop (or similar painting program)

Schedule: Recorded lessons will release on Wednesdays starting Jan. 10. Live homework reviews will be Tuesdays at 7-8:30pm GMT, starting Jan. 17 - Mar. 13. No lesson Feb. 7 as it is the midterm break.

Overview: Have fun expanding your art skills, gaining confidence in the subject, and increasing your value to potential clients! Many artists are intimidated by environments and their visual complexity which is why we'll tackle how to paint the elements, such as rocks and trees, individually at first. Beginning with studies from observation of each element you'll apply that knowledge to new fictional versions. At the end of the class you'll combine those skills into a diorama illustration utilizing all the elements you've learned.This class is a great introduction to painting nature scenes, even if you have limited digital painting or environment painting experience.


This class is listed as Intermediate difficulty meaning that it is best if you already have foundational drawing and shading skills as they will not be covered. If you are unsure if you have the skill necessary for this class, please contact us at and include a link to your artwork online, and we will let you know.


Class PDF: Class PDF: Do not forget to download the class info PDF from this store upon purchasing registration (it is not emailed to you). The PDF includes the schedule, and additional information you should read before class. You will be emailed another PDF closer to class with all the class links to the email used when purchasing this registration. Be sure and download the PDFs.

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