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Live Class: Fundamentals 1 - Form Drawing

Live Class: Fundamentals 1 - Form Drawing

Product Type: Live weekly lessons with assignments and feedback

Instructor: Clint Cearley
Duration: 8 weeks
Skill Level: Entry/Foundational
Software: Adobe Photoshop (or similar painting program)

Schedule: Wednesdays 3-5pm GMT, Jan. 10th - Mar. 6th. No class Feb. 7th as it is mid-term break.

Overview: If you’re new to drawing or want to improve your fundamentals then this is the right class! Throughout the weeks of this themed class you’ll work on two different skill sets: observational drawing, and imaginative drawing. The observation studies will improve your ability to judge subject size and placement, as well as how to simplify complex subjects so you can accurately draw the world you see around you. The imaginative drawing studies will focus on 3D forms and how to use them to build new subjects from imagination. Each of the 2-2.5hr lessons will be taught live by your instructor who will begin with teaching the week’s new material followed by a review of the previous week’s homework submissions. Each lesson will include draw-alongs so be ready to start sketching with your digital stylus and drawing program when class begins!

This class is appropriate for both adolescents and adults. Any major drawing program and stylus pad should be sufficient for this class.

This class is listed as Entry/Foundational difficulty meaning that little to no previous drawing training is required. Experience with your art program is helpful. If you are unsure if you have the skill necessary for this class, please contact us at and include a link to your online gallery, and we will let you know.


Class PDF: Do not forget to download the class info PDF from this store upon purchasing registration (note that the link to download it will expire after one month). The PDF includes the schedule and things you should know about class before it begins. An additional PDF with all the class links will be emailed to you a week before class starts to the email used when purchasing this registration. Be sure and download the links PDF when it arrives.

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