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Live Class: Group Mentorship (1)

Live Class: Group Mentorship (1)

Product Type: Bi-weekly live sessions

Instructors: Clint & Diana Cearley
Duration: 8 weeks (4 sessions)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Software: Adobe Photoshop (or similar painting program)

Schedule: Sundays 3-5:30pm - Oct. 8th, 22nd (at GMT+1), Nov. 5th, 19th (GMT). Registration ends Oct. 4th.


Note: There are two groups of this class available, they are the same except Group 1 starts Oct. 8th and Group 2 starts Oct. 15th. Each group has its own product in the store, this is Group 1.

Overview: This class offers bi-weekly input on the art you submit; no curriculum, and no foundational teaching. Send in your art and we'll give our input on how to improve it, possible problems to avoid, and explanations on how to tackle difficult issues of your image. Drawovers and paintovers will be utilized as needed throughout the class in addition to plenty of time to talk with instructors and get your questions answered. Think of the class as a bi-weekly consult with pros on the image(s) of your choice.


This is a more advanced class and is for aimed at those who are ready to begin building a starter portfolio and already have a strong digital painting foundation. It is not a good fit for a beginner as we will not be going over basic digital painting and drawing.

Class PDF: Do not forget to download the class info PDF from this store upon purchasing registration (note that the link to download it will expire after one month). The PDF includes the schedule and things you should know about class before it begins. An additional PDF with the link to the Zoom lesson meetings, link to the Vimeo showcase to watch the recorded lessons, link to the homework upload folder, and link to the class Dropbox folder will be emailed to you Oct. 5th. The PDF will be emailed to the email used when purchasing this registration. Be sure and download the links PDF when it arrives.

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