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Swatches started as a casual art educational YouTube channel by Clint Cearley. Over the course of 8 years the channel grew to over 100,000 subscribers, a line of educational material, art challenges, and community.

With Diana stepping away from her tenure as an instructor and Director of Studies at Syn Studio Concept Art School, they pooled their 20+ years of art teaching to expand Swatches into a full academy with classes on a variety of illustration and concept art topics. Academy's goal is to provide the classes, and educational options that we wished had been available during our years of training.

Clint and Diana live in Portugal.

Channel: | Discord:

Clint Cearley

Trained in traditional and digital media, with 12+ years as a full-time freelance illustrator and art educator. Clint has created 100+ images for Magic: The Gathering and D&D, as well served as a Senior Outsource Art Supervisor at Blizzard. He has also made work for Hearthstone, Smite, Legends of the Cryptids, ImagineFX magazine, and Artifact, among others. His work is primarily in an illustrative realism style with specialty in character illustrations.


Proficiency: Digital painting in Photoshop, communicating art principles and ideas, problem-solving and improving images through reviews and paintover, career and portfolio direction.


Email: | Instagram: @cearleyclint | Gallery:

Diana Cearley

A freelance artist best known for her fantasy illustrations and concept art in the video game, comic book, publishing, and tabletop industries including Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Hex Entertainment, Aethera RPG. She has also been featured in ImagineFX, and Infected by Art. Diana served as an instructor of digital painting, life drawing, character design, as well as the Director of Studies at Syn Studio Concept Art School where many of her students went on to work for AAA studios such as Ubisoft, Eidos, Atomhawk, Behavior, EA and others.


Email: | Instagram: @dianacearleyart | Gallery:


Nino Vecia

Nino Vecia is a freelance illustrator working for companies and IP’s like Wizards Of The Coast, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Blizzard and MLSE just to name a few.

He’s self published two illustrated novels (The Warden’s Call and Shadows of Aydralem). The novels are ultimately a twisted story of Gods and the ways in which their flaws influence the humans they watch over. A colourful world of fantasy and adventure that tells a tale of how power can corrupt, even those with the strongest resolve.

Email: | Gallery:

New instructors coming soon!

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