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What if I can't join the live lessons or reviews?

Since many students will be in different time zones, all classes and homework review sessions are recorded and posted in a showcase on Vimeo for students to watch if they are unable to join live. If you are unable to attend live and wish to ask your instructor a question about your work, that may be included with your homework and your instructor will answer it during the class. Recordings are a courtesy for those in different time zones and are not setup to be (nor intended to be) downloaded.

How long will I have access to the class recordings?

You will be able to view the class recordings until the start of the following term (about 4 weeks after the class concludes).

How many students are there per class?

We limit each class at 15 students (8 for Mentorship Group) in order to have enough time to review all the homework and keep a good teacher to student ratio.

Can I take multiple classes at the same time?

We recommend students taking one class at a time so they can fully focus on that subject, and not get overwhelmed from the amount of combined homework.

Do you offer certificates of completion?

We would be happy to provide a digital certificate of completion on request to any student who completes all lessons and assignments on time. Note, classes are non-accredited.

Do you offer installment or monthly payment plans?

As these are only 8-week classes, full payment is required at time of enrollment.

Can I send in my homework the next week if I miss the previous week?

You can submit previous week homework a following week but there is no guarantee it will receive a review as it will based on time allowance. To guarantee a review, send in homework within 12 hours of the next class.

Will I receive a paintover every week?

Paintovers will be common but not guaranteed. Some reviews greatly benefit from a paintover example while others do not require it. Additionally, to increase the odds of receiving a paintover, send in your homework early so we have time to look over it and prep for the class.

What do I need for class?

You will need fast enough internet for HD video streaming through Zoom, digital painting program (Clint and Diana will be using Photoshop), stylus drawing pad, microphone, and a webcam. Students are encouraged to have their webcams on during class to improve the teacher-student interaction but it is not required.

How do I know what class is right for me?

Our classes are categorized as Foundational, Intermediate, or Advanced, and a description of those tiers can be found on the Tiers of Difficulty page. You are also free to email us ( or with a link to your work online or attach some examples of your work, and we'd be happy to look over your work and make a suggestion. Note, if we feel that a student does not yet have the skills needed to meet class requirements we reserve the right to cancel the registration with full refund and will provide alternative education suggestions.

What will I receive when I enroll in a class?

You will receive a PDF to download after registration with class information. A followup PDF with all the class links will be emailed to you shortly before classes begin. Students also have access to private class Discord rooms on the Swatches server.

Students in intermediate and advanced classes also receive access to the Concept Art Portfolio and  Illustration Portfolio presentations. Students who complete their class will have access to the Career Class where we'll have a candid discussion and tips about making a living in the industry.

How often do you run classes?

We run classes seasonally: Spring classes start early April, Summer in early July, Fall in the beginning of October, and Winter classes start early January.

Do you offer refunds on the classes?

If you leave anytime before the second lesson you will receive a full refund minus a $75 fee to cover the time to update all the passwords and links. If you leave between the second and third lessons, you will receive a 50% class refund. No refunds are offered after the third lesson.

I have a question that's not listed here, how can I contact you?

Email your question to Clint at

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