Illustration and Concept Art Education

Fall classes are all online, live, and will conclude mid November

Fall Classes 2022

Painting with A.I.

Instructors: Clint & Diana Cearley

8 weeks - $650

A.I. image generation will change the commercial art industry. Learn how to utilize this powerful new tool in your concept art and illustration workflow. Class will cover how to use Midjourney support to:


  • Improve the character design process

  • Explore options for your scene's lighting and mood

  • Generate an environment asset concept

  • Create a fantasy card art style illustration


Note: This class is for aimed at those who already have digital painting experience, not a good fit for a beginner.



Winter class lineup
to be announced first
half of October

Material Rendering

Instructor: Clint Cearley

8 weeks - $650

Learn how to paint a collection of the most common materials then illustrate a fantasy prop arrangement where you'll combine all that you've learned!


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Character Design

Instructor: Diana Cearley

8 weeks - $650

Learn how to design character concept art for games and film in this 8-week class that will take you step-by-step with live demos and assignments.

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Character Portraits

Instructor: Clint Cearley

8 weeks - $650

Illustrate a fantasy character portrait after tackling the individual components such as proportions, rendering skin, skin tone variety and hair.

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Environment Diorama

Instructor: Diana Cearley

8 weeks - $650

Don't be intimidated by environments! You'll learn how to paint the individual elements in a scene which you'll combine into your own diorama.


Winter class lineup will be announced the first half of October, stay tuned for details.

Winter Classes 2022


Who We Are

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Clint Cearley

Illustrator, concept artist, and art instructor, Clint also served as a Senior Art Supervisor with Blizzard.

Diana Cearley

Concept artist and illustrator, Diana served as an instructor and Director of Studies at Syn Studio Concept Art School.

Our clients have included:

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thank you for everything you taught me!

"I really enjoyed your class, I think you and Clint are great teachers, especially when you work together to teach the class. You both can offer different perspectives and various tips based on your individual experiences, so when you team up it’s really great! ..the PDFs, demos and exercises you guys provided I was able to learn a lot. ..thank you for everything you taught me!"


Art Challenges, Contests, and 1-Day Workshops

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Art Challenges

A staple of the Swatches community are the 4-week art challenges with professional feedback. These are not competitions but are ways to push your artistic skills by taking on projects that mimic the parameters of a professional commission. They are designed by Clint and Diana and are open to any artist of any skill level.
The challenges and feedback are livestreamed on the Swatches YouTube channel. More details here.

August challenge has sold out, stay tuned for announcement of next challenge

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You can't ask a video a question

Recorded videos and books have their place for learning but nothing can replace live instruction from an experienced teacher who can answer your direct questions and provided tailored feedback to your artwork.

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