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Environment Diorama

Tackle environments one step at a time!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 8 weeks

Begins: January 10th, 2024

Lessons: Recorded lessons with live feedback
Price: $695

Instructor: Diana Cearley


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Those who want to...


  • Gain confidence painting environments and backgrounds!

  • Learn how to paint rocks, trees, foliage, water, and more

  • Stop wasting time jumping from tutorial to tutorial

  • Improve faster with weekly professional feedback


Student work by Daniel Reyes


Have fun expanding your art skills, gaining confidence in the subject, and increasing your value to potential clients! Many artists are intimidated by environments and their visual complexity which is why we'll tackle how to paint the elements, such as rocks and trees, individually at first. Beginning with studies from observation of each element you'll apply that knowledge to new fictional versions. At the end of the class you'll combine those skills into a diorama illustration utilizing all the elements you've learned.

This class is a great introduction to painting nature scenes, even if you have limited digital painting or environment painting experience.


Jan. 10th - March 13th

This class uses prerecorded lessons as well as live homework reviews. The prerecorded lessons will be posted weekly for viewing online. First lesson is released Jan. 10th. You will have a week to watch the lesson, complete the assignments, and upload your homework before the live homework review the following week on Zoom. All classes have a mid-term break week (Feb. 4-10th) between lessons 4 and 5.
Live homework reviews take place on Wednesday at 7-8:30pm GMT, starting Jan. 17th (week following the lesson) and end Mar. 13th. The homework review sessions are recorded and will also be posted for viewing online for any student who is unable to attend live or wishes to review the feedback. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live sessions.
Lessons last 1-1.5hrs, and live homework reviews last 1.5hrs.


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Watch the weekly recorded lesson online and download any provided files. Lessons usually last 1-1.5hrs and often include a short paint-along to follow.

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Complete the assignments then upload your work 12-24 hours before the following week's review session. It takes about 15 hours per week to complete the homework to reach a satisfactory level.




Instructor will review your homework during the following week's live Zoom session. Feedback may include a paintover, and/or discussion (situation dependent). Session recorded for timezone convenience.



Skills & Difficulty

Portfolio & Career


Student work created in this class:

"If environments are something you struggle with or aren't sure how to approach, the environment diorama class is perfect. You're given a process on how to tackle a number of natural subjects like trees and rocks and provided with knowledge that'll allow you to take them as far as you want to go. I highly recommend it."


Time: Based on student feedback, this class requires an average of 10-15hrs per week to accomplish the homework to a satisfactory level.


Subjects: The homework assignments are subject to change from term to term in order to keep things fresh and interesting. You may not practice the exact same exercises you see in the student gallery.


Discord: Every student will have access to their classes' private Discord room where they can chat with classmates, share images, and see relevant class updates from your instructor.


Setup: Students will need HD video streaming speed internet, Adobe Photoshop (or similar digital painting program), and a drawing pad and stylus (like Wacom or Gaomon). A microphone and webcam are also recommended if students plan on joining the Zoom lessons live.


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