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Material Rendering through Props

Paint believable materials and fun fantasy props!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 8 lessons (about 1.75hrs each)

Launches: April 25th, 2024

Lessons: Recorded lessons for Self-Study
Price: $195

Instructor: Clint Cearley


Those who want to...


  • Learn how to paint materials that feel authentic and believable

  • Understand what gives materials their unique looks

  • Improve the overall impression of their art with better rendering

  • Begin building the skills and pieces for prop illustration work



20 painted car.jpg


Each week you'll learn how to paint a common material such as leather, brass, glass, rock, and iron. We'll breakdown the factors that make those materials have their unique look so you have a thorough understanding of the subject. Throughout the lessons there are paint-alongs where we will jump into our painting programs together and I'll guide you step-by-step through the processes you'll use in your homework. You'll learn 10 distinct materials during class but the principles and techniques you learn can be applied to many other materials. The individual studies will culminate into illustrating a larger multi-prop arrangement to add to your portfolio.

This class uses recorded lessons for self-study without feedback. You will be supplied the needed homework files and references for each lesson, and its corresponding video lesson. Lessons will be watchable here on the site (no downloading necessary except the assignment files) at your own pace. Most lessons have a paint-along section where you'll practice the techniques of the lesson along with the instructor so you are prepared for the assignments on your own. Instructor will be demonstrating in Adobe Photoshop, and all class files are in either JPG, PSD, or PDF formats.
Instructor feedback on your homework may be available at a premium rate during the seasonal classes. Spaces will be limited for feedback.

"Clint's class was incredibly detailed and thorough, I never felt lost and by the end of the class was confidently rendering multiple textures."

-Student feedback on this class

Will become available April 25th, 2024


Skills & Difficulty


Student work created in this class:


Time: Based on student feedback, this class requires an average of 15hrs to accomplish each lesson's assignments to a satisfactory level.


Subjects: The homework props are subject to change from term to term in order to keep things fresh and interesting. You may not practice the exact same items you see in the student gallery.


Setup: Students will need HD video streaming speed internet, Adobe Photoshop (or similar digital painting program), and a drawing pad and stylus (like Wacom or Gaomon). A microphone and webcam are also recommended if students plan on joining the Zoom lessons live for the feedback version.


"It's incredible how well Clint and Diana convey complex problems logically in an attainable systematic way. The amount of knowledge I gained from the Materials course has become invaluable for my artistic career. I have improved tremendously thanks to the solutions and processes that are taught by the Swatches team!"

-Student feedback for Material Rendering through Props

"I've been doing digital painting seriously for 5 years now but I've had trouble leveling up from creating mediocre illustrations. I accumulated a lot of knowledge through paid courses here and there but didn't know how to use what I learned practically. I came into the course expecting to get better at rending materials but I ended up learning the important of having a clear and repeatable system, how to observe references without relying on them too heavily, and what it takes to create images on a professional level. I created work I was proud of and learned tips and techniques I can take into work outside of class."

-Student feedback for Material Rendering through Props


As part of the seasonal live feedback option, the reviews commonly (but not always) come with a paintover in addition to the verbal feedback. In order to improve your chances of getting a paintover, send in your homework on time or early.