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Skill Level: Advanced  |  Instructors: Clint & Diana Cearley  |  Duration: 5 sessions (ave. 1.75 hours each)  

Registration Period: June 3 - June 28, 2024   |  Feedback Course Sessions: July 7 - Sep. 1 |  Price: $425


Think of the class as a consult with pros on the image of your choice every two weeks for 5 sessions. There's no set curriculum or foundational teaching like the other classes. Simply send in your illustration art and we'll give our input on how to improve it, possible problems to avoid, and explanations on how to tackle difficult issues of your image.

Drawovers and paintovers will be utilized as needed throughout the class in addition to plenty of time to talk with instructors and get your questions answered. Feedback will be given during the live Zoom sessions, and in front of the other students.

It's up to you whether you choose to start a new piece at the beginning of the class and get feedback throughout its process, or whether you send in different images every week.

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  • Have already finished studying the fundamentals

  • Are currently building illustrations for their portfolio

  • Want to work on personal pieces but with pro guidance

  • Need targeted image-specific feedback, not structured lessons

This class is an ADVANCED class that requires APPROVAL to join, and is not suitable for beginners and most intermediates.

It is aimed for those who are preparing a portfolio for professional work and those who are getting small gigs but want to level up their art. If your work often contains mistakes in anatomy, perspective, shading, values, or lighting, then this class isn't currently for you.   

Only 8 places available for this class.


Samples of work from the instructors




This is an ILLUSTRATION ONLY mentorship group, images submitted must be illustrations (or a work-in-progress of an illustration image). This is not the right place to be developing concept art characters and projects. You will receive no instructor time if you do not send in any artwork. This class is designed to provide tips and coaching for those aiming to be professional illustrators.

Limit of one piece per week for review.

For time-zone convenience (and those wishing to review their feedback), all live sessions will be recorded and posted for viewing in the course module here on the site.

Sessions will be held on Zoom.

What Students Are Saying

"Clint and Diana's feedback is very objective and professional, yet very kind and friendly that not only makes you push yourself and your skills beyond what you think you could do, but also makes you feel good and encouraged to work while receiving feedback. I can see a noticeable leap in my skills before and after their class, and I'm more than grateful for that."


Registration has ended for the Summer term of this class, and will reopen in September for the Fall term.

You will need to apply and be approved before joining this course.

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