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"The classes have been productive, engaging, and filled to the brim with information, and I highly recommend it to anyone feeling stuck or uncertain on how to progress your art skill."

"Professional artists with a track record, quality instructors with a passion for teaching, concise curriculum at very affordable prices. Usually, you have to drop at least one of these when it comes to art education courses and it absolutely blew my mind that I did not only get all that, but also tailored feedback for my skill level, coupled with a healthy dose of challenge and encouragement. Diana, Clint, thank you so much, I hope Swatches Academy will keep growing and that a lot more artists can benefit from it the way I did!"

"Industry professionals who will meet you at eye level and will take the time to answer any question, provide their knowledge and an industry proven workflow which will give you any tools you need to complete the course with portfolio ready illustrations. What do you want more?!"

"If environments are something you struggle with or aren't sure how to approach, the environment diorama class is perfect. You're given a process on how to tackle a number of natural subjects like trees and rocks and provided with knowledge that'll allow you to take them as far as you want to go. I highly recommend it."

"I've been doing digital painting seriously for 5 years now but I've had trouble leveling up from creating mediocre illustrations. I accumulated a lot of knowledge through paid courses here and there but didn't know how to use what I learned practically. I came into the course expecting to get better at rending materials but I ended up learning the important of having a clear and repeatable system, how to observe references without relying on them too heavily, and what it takes to create images on a professional level. I created work I was proud of and learned tips and techniques I can take into work outside of class."

"Clint's class [Material Rendering] was incredibly detailed and thorough, I never felt lost and by the end of the class was confidently rendering multiple textures."

I don't just want to - I absolutely -need- to go back and take more classes. I've taken two so far, and they are basically roadmaps to a professional level and beyond. Put in the time and effort and they will make sure you succeed, if you keep walking down that path, or get you up another Tier if you're already making a living off it. Awesome!"

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